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Bushranger Safari

The Bushranger Safari is our top of the line Hard Floor Camper.

Features include, full annex, extended drawbar, a quick set up design using a hand winch, independent suspension, kitchen with underbody water tank.

Please Note: Image shows optional alloy wheels

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Desert Tracker

Desert Tracker

The Desert Tracker is our medium sized off-road caravan without the huge price tag. It is large enough to be comfortably used as a touring van, whilst maintaining manourvability for getting in to tight bush tracks.

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Bushranger Country

The Bushranger Country is unique, in that it is a Full Australian Hard Floor Camper that is built from the ground up in Australia, and uses Australian quality Wax Converter Textile Canvas with Independent trailing arm eye to eye leaf springs suspension, for a price that is comparable with imported hard floor campers.

Extremely easy setup using the winch system, this Camper will have you getting off the beaten track, and in a camp chair in no time.

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Red Sherpa Waratah

Our Off Road Soft Floor Campers have been designed with the family in mind. The Red Sherpa Soft Floor Camper is an ideal solution for those who want a affordable quality camper trailer, with the extra room that a Soft Floor provides.

Red Sherpa Campers Feature - A high quality fully locally made Australian trailer - An excellent quality easy open 14 Oz tent with Full Annex included in the price - Up-gradable at a later date - Prices that are very realistic - Campers that are built locally.

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Desert Storm

Desert Storm

The Desert Storm is the flagship of the Desert Sky range. It has been built and designed for long term touring, and extended travelling in the outback, and is able to handle whatever is thrown at it year in and year out.

If you are intending in taking off to see the best of what Australia has to offer, without wanting to make any compromises or accepting limitations on where you can travel, then the Storm is the ideal off-road caravan to make your dreams a reality.


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Bushranger Joey

The Joey Off-Road Caravan gives you all the benefits of an Off-Road Camper.

It is a light and compact pop-top, that is easy and quick to set up, has great off road capabilities, and features all the comfort and amenities of more expensive off-road campers, without the price tag to match!

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Great Divide

Unlike anything seen before is the Great Divide from Bushranger Campers. The new hybrid combines the comfortable and secure sleeping quarters of a caravan with a well equipped but entirely separate kitchen, all in a compact, rugged camper trailer.

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Desert Warrior

Desert Warrior

Finally there is now an Off-Road Caravan that has been built to truly bridge the gap between a camper and a caravan, purpose built for those who want camper trailer agility with caravan comfort. Versatile and compact in size, but large enough to provide comfortable internal features and a steeply raked rear, the van is well suited to those who intend on remote area travelling.

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Desert Warrior - Deluxe

The Warrior Deluxe has a few upgrades over a standard Warrior that have proven popular with many our previous customers. We have decided to package theses upgrades together to offer our customers as a Deluxe version of the popular Warrior van.

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Desert Nomad


The new Desert Nomad Off-Road Caravan is an extension on the original Desert Tracker.

The Nomad has been launched this year in response to customer requests over recent years. Our customers asked for, a compact, full featured van including toilet and shower, whilst maintaining the full off-road abilities of the Desert Sky range.

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Welcome to Red Sherpa Campers


We offer a full range of styles and options to suit everybody’s own individual camping style and budget.

All in one convenient location, so you can compare the different styles side by side. 

We offer both Sales & Camper Trailer Hire:                          

  • Compact Off- Road Caravans               

  • Hard Floor Campers                                                                

  • Soft Floor Campers


Exclusive NSW agents for:

  • Bushranger Off Road Caravans and Hard Floor Campers

  • Desert Sky Off Road Caravans, and

  • Red Sherpa Soft Floor Campers


 Red Sherpa Campers

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We also stock a great range of Off Road and Camping Products.

All the gear we stock we have used and abused countless times and it has all come through with flying colours!

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Red Sherpa Campers offers Camper Trailer Hire in Nowra, Shoalhaven, South Coast & Sydney!!!!

If you want to get out there and experience first hand the beauty this country has to offer, but don’t own your own Camper, then Red Sherpa Camper Hire is you’re solution.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway, a family holiday or that once in a lifetime trip to Australia’s magnificent Outback, our Camper Trailers are the easy option to get you away.  Our Camper Trailers offer you the flexibility, comfort, and freedom, to tailor your next trip to suit your needs.








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If you ever consider selling your Camper, then Consignment may be a great way to sell your Camper hassle free.


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No phone calls all hours of the day & night.

No waiting for people to show up at your door.

No advertising costs.

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With flexible packages and structures on caravan and camper loans, UFS will have you exploring the horizon in a new caravan or camper in no time. UFS can provide a full range of options so you'll get the loan that's right for you at rates that will interest you.

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