BackFAQs - Camper Trailer Hire

This page has been designed to answer some of the more common questions Red Sherpa Campers have received. If you do not find a suitable answer please do not hesitate to Ask Dave!!!!   He's only too happy to help!!!!
Q: What models do you have for hire?
Olympic Caravan - 2 Berth On Road Caravan
Bushranger Country - Off Road Hard Floor Camper
Altitude Everest - Off Road Soft Floor Camper
Q: How much is it to hire a Red Sherpa Camper Trailer?
For short term hires, rates start from $260 per weekend or $490 per week.  Our rates obviously vary depending on the trailer type hired, the length of hire, and when you intend to hire.?For an accurate quote on your holiday plans please Ask Dave!!!!.
Q: How many people can a Camper sleep
Most of our Campers happily accomodate a family of 4. There is a either a double or queen size bed and plenty of room for camp stretchers or camp mats. If you have extra's or you would prefer to have the kids seperate to you, we also hire additional rooms which can sleep 4 on camp mats or can accomodate 3 stretcher beds.
Q: Is there a Bond?
Our standard conditions include a refundable bond when you pick up the Camper. This is refunded when the Camper is returned to us and we check that everything has been cleaned, and there is no damage.
Q: Do you have long term rates?
You Bet!! - If you are planning a longer trip, we offer significant discounts for longer term hires - Ask Dave Now!!!!.
Q: Where can I take my Camper Trailer?
Red Sherpa Campers have been used all over Australia - As long as you hire an Off Road model where ever you're car will travel our Campers will follow.?The Light Off and on Road models do have some restrictions.
Q: Are the trailers insured?
Yes - All our Campers have full comprehensive insurance.
Q: Will our car be able to tow a Camper Trailer?
We have Campers available that are able to be towed by practically any car with a towbar.?Our Camper TARE weights start at just 500Kg.?The best idea is to check your cars owner handbook, this will tell you the weight you're car is rated to tow. Many cars will have a weight with an unbraked trailer, and a different (generally higher) weight for a braked trailer. We have models available for hire with and without brakes.
Q: My car doesn't have a towbar can I still enjoy the Red Sherpa Camping experience?
Most definately - For an extra charge we will dispatch Dave to deliver and set up your Camper for you, and when you are ready to come home we send out Dave to come and pack up and tow the Camper back again. Fees charged are dependant on delivery distances and dates required.
Q: Can Dave do the set up / pack up and cleaning even if we have a tow bar?
As above, absolutely, some of our previous clients have called this the best way to go camping. Your Camper will be set up for you when you arrive, all you have to do is enjoy, Dave can even have the billy on the boil for you. When its time to go home, we dispatch Dave to come and pack up for you. Fees do apply.?Hassle free & stress free camping at its best!!!!!
Q: Do you hire other camping equipment?
We have a large range (which is constantly growing) of camping gear available for hire. This includes Oztents, chairs, tables, fridge freezers, cooking packs, televisions/DVD players, ground mats, lights, bunk beds, stretchers.......the list goes on. We also have packages available. Ask Dave Now!!!!?Although we have had a few requests and he would no doubt enjoy getting out camping Dave is not available for general hire - ( "Bugger" - Dave)
Q: Can Dave clean my Camper for me?
Although not one of his favorite jobs ( "Rather be out product testing" - Dave) yes for a nominal amount we will clean your Camper for you.
Q: Does my car require a special fitting to hire a Camper with electric brakes?
No - All our Campers that are fitted with electric brakes, are also fitted with a manual brake control unit.